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    Mountain Collective 2018-2019?

    With the announcement of Sun Valley/Snowbasin joining the Epic Pass for next year, that's another MC destination going Epic. From other threads, they had a booth at SIA show. Did they announce resorts for next year? I wonder how long it can keep going in the new world of Epic/Ikon passes. Personally, the MC meets my needs much more than either Ikon or Epic and I would love to see it come back with the same resorts as last year.

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    MC worked out great for my brother and I this winter. Already paid for and we still have two trips planned. However, I believe I am going Ikon Base if the rates, resorts, and blackouts stay the same. It's only $100 more, offers more coverage, and more days at the same hills I used for MC.

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    Who knows? Get it while you can has been our philosophy. Snowbasin and SV are a loss but not enough to kill it off. A couple of other key players would though.

    Seems like if there is demand there will be a product. If not it will fade.

    The $1 pass for kids under 12, no MLK blackout like IKON has, 3 days free at 1 resort has been a boon to our family. I sit here now deciding where to burn days next week. Mountain Collective could add Boho? That would be cool.

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