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    WTB: Mammut / Snowpulse Cylinder, RAS 3.0 System

    This one:

    Anyone have a cylinder or RAS 3.0 system they're not using? Figured I'd ask before buying from Tyler Durden.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the RAS 2 and RAS 3 use the same cylinder. The Mammut site states: "with the exception of the cartridges, the 2.0 system and 3.0 system are not compatible with each other. That means if you have a 2.0 airbag backpack you cannot use a 3.0 airbag system in it, nor can you put a 2.0 airbag in a 3.0 backpack."

    Assuming that's true, I'm also in the market for one of these cylinders but will of course get in line behind you.

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    The above is correct, cylinders are interchangeable between RAS 2.0 and RAS 3.0 (and Protection).
    The only thing that's changed recently is Mammut added the black plastic thingy for aesthetics (and I guess a bit of protection). The guts are the same.
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    Unofficially a 2.0 airbag fits tightly into a 3.0 pack.

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