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    BCA Float cylinder exchange in St. Anton

    Does anyone have experience exchanging BCA Float cylinders in St. Anton this winter? I've had mixed results in the past with the availability of cylinders at the shops identified on the BCA website (and the ones listed that I've contacted already don't have any). Thanks for the help.

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    See if you can get the pump

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    I exchanged a cylinder there probably 3 years ago. I believe it was Sport Alber. I know for sure Jenewein didn't do BCA.

    I would email who ever is on the BCA website. They emailed me back pretty quick.

    Now the bad part. I think they were getting out of dealing with BCA back then as I got one of the last cylinders. Turns out that cylinder, which was a little low when they gave it to me, was leaking and didn't even work when I went to blow it prior to flying home. BCA warrantied it when I got home, but woof, glad I didn't need it while in St. Anton.

    I have since bought the BD jetforce so I don't have to deal with it. Good luck and I do think they are a great idea in the Arlberg and nearly everyone riding off-piste has an airbag. Super common over there. You can rent a whole backpack, but its not super cheap.

    2nd Foggy's suggestion of the pump. I used a friends 2 years ago in Utah and it wasn't too bad. Easier than driving around trying to find an elusive cylinder exchange.
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