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    PSA old Fritschi Freeride brakes will work with the new Fritschi Vipec and Tecton

    Found the post where I described how the brake replacements worked and thought it best to post as separate thread so mags can find it easier and so it's searchable. Saving money is a good thing

    Here's the old post

    and cut and pasted below

    FYI I just found out that Fritsch Freeride brakes work fine on Vipec and EVO. Good cost savings because there are boxes and boxes of those brakes around in storage rooms

    On left the FR brake with the mounting bracket. Just snap it out of the bracket and stick it in the Vipec/Tecton holder.

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    Another PSA. Remember to hold the brake down to ease it into tour mode and stow it away. The steps - use your hand to press brake into brake-pad; then engage tour mode lever at heel.

    The Fritschi video saying you can hit the tour mode lever then stomp it down is WRONG. The BD advice to grease with white lithium grease or use some sort of silicone spray is WRONG. It'll work for a bit then snow will get in and strip all the lube away. All you'll do is break the brake pads. The BD/Fritschi spew that this is "rare" is BS> It's happening all too often and in the spring when there's more wet snow, ice buildup on brake pads it'll happen more

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    The freeride brakes in Lee's photo must be a newer version or something. Mine are very different and cannot be swapped out with the Tecton brakes. The freeride brakes I have are one continuous piece of metal for both brake arms (e.g. you can't snap out the left arm independently of the right). I have an older set from a ~15-20 year old pair of white freerides, and a newer set from a red/black pair maybe ~10 years old.

    My Freeride brakes look like this.
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