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    Looking for Advice Hiking Dolomites in early June??

    Hey all, looking for any advice/experience anyone has with hiking in the Dolomites in early June? The fiance and I are planning on going there for our honeymoon and any help would be greatly appreciated. In general I know early June can be a mixed bag in terms of the terrain still being snowy, so we'd have to stick to some of the lower elevation hikes. If possible we'd like to do some hut-to-hut hikes, along with some day hikes likely. We've got about one week to spend there. Also any advice on lodging would be appreciated!


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    I was there during ski season, so can't help with hiking info, but, for accommodations, La Perla in Corvara is fantastic. It has a price to match, but if you are up for splurging for a night or 2, I highly recommend.

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    Did you check the "via alta"? Those are the ones to look into for hut-to-hut hiking. Check if the huts are supposed to open - if so: you are good to go. You can than early move by public transport to wherever you like in the dolomites and do more hiking on a day to day basis.

    So I would go: check via alte -> choose a part of one with huts that are supposed to be open. Than think if you want to absolutely see this or that and move over there or add some nice stay around wherever you finish your hike.

    And most important: move this to the outdoors forum as this is not a trip report!

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    Like Leo said, Alta Via is great easy hiking (with optional via ferrata routes if you want to). Beautiful views, very well signed and the huts are both cheap and great. Make sure to double check opening dates for the huts though. We did it second half of June and it seemed like most huts had just recently opened. A lot less crowded in June then later in summer at least.

    The Tre cime di Lavaredo loop is a cool day hike, and also has pretty damn rad climbing on the north side of the towers.

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