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    Feb 2014

    SLC BC skiing, ice, rock partners

    Looking to meet more people to backcountry ski with. Also ice climb, rock climb.

    Touring since 2012 (splitboarding)
    Avy 1 & 2
    letting my EMT-B expire

    Typical work week; 8am - 5 or 6pm.
    Dawn patrol for skiing, ice, or rock. Get to work a little later.
    Usually would like to be out all day on the weekend.

    Shoot me a PM.

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    Dec 2018
    PM sent. I'm also interested in Wasatch touring in the next week and am avy equipped with touring experience. Safe and conservative. Thanks!

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    Low Angle Partner!

    Hey, Im looking for low angle touring partners. Recently completed level 1. My risk tolerance dictates me staying below 30. I live in the Wasatch area. Hit me up if interested!

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