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    Lunar Eclipse shots?

    Anyone else shoot the moon last night? I had completely forgotten about it until I was taking the trash out and saw it. Somehow we were treated to a perfectly clear night last night.

    I did no framing but had fun for a few minutes shooting. I'm hoping someone here did a better job of getting out and adding something to the frame other than standing 3 feet from your front door with a headlamp sipping whiskey and pushing buttons.


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    Oh nice! The moon was awesome last night. We had a clear night in CO. Friend tried to take some with an Iphone but they didn't really come out as no surprise, so those are way better than that, looks pretty much like what I saw with my eyes. Thanks for sharing!! Cool.

    who else shot the moon? bring on the moon shots!!
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    Not surprisingly, mine looks the exact same!

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    It was cloudy up here right until the end of the total.. then it just cleared up.. I had like less than 5 min to get it dialed until the sun's rays began to hit it again..

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    Got this, 70-200 handheld.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cool! I couldn't see the moon so thak you guys a lot. I t also reminds me of a really fun memory. I got a photo editor app from top1apk. Then, i used it to photoshop some pictures on my phone. Then, i showed it to my friends and they still believe that i got a pic of blue moon =))))

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