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    Quote Originally Posted by thefrush View Post
    Just wanted to follow up and say that Vitamin I is the man! Had a blast ripping around A-Basin yesterday with him on his RC112s and Argos. Thanks again for making this happen!
    Yeah, that was fun. There is no obligation for borrowers to ski with me, but we started off to ski 2-3 runs together, and then ended up skiing together all day. thefrush's fast pace exposed my poor fitness for tiny 30ft hikes at 12,500ft, but I will get stronger as the season progresses.

    I thought the process went well. Smooth & painless communication and logistics to meet, adjust bindings, etc.

    The day before, I had skied A-Basin, assessed rock coverage, and then forecasted we'd probably get roughly 1 significant rock hit with 2 guys ripping around for a day. And that's exactly what we got: 1 significant rock hit for me to tune up. No worries. It's part of the sport.

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    Yeeeaahhhh, first turn on the Argos. Which then subsequently put me on my ass on the following run.

    Clearly I shoulda stuck to the RC112s! Truly a pleasure to finally get to flaunt those skis. And was a blast to rip around with ya!
    ((. The joy I get from skiing...
    ((. That's worth living for.

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