Hello all. I have had wonderful experiences meeting mags all over North America for the last ten years, so here's to hoping to meet some more abroad. I will be skiing overseas for the first time ever, and I am overwhelmingly stoked! Myself and three friends are coming to Engelberg Jan 26-31, Andermatt Feb 1-4 and then my three friends leave and I am on my own for the last 4 days. If anyone will be in the area around those times it would be rad to meet up and ski together, or grab a beer, or high five in the street. The four of us are strong backcountry skiers and will be hiring a guide for a couple days in each spot. Happy to add to our group if you want or meet up on the days that we haven't hired. I am leaving the last 4 days when I am solo open to follow the snow wherever it goes. Any suggestions for a first-time skier to the central Alps are much appreciated!