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    Fernie Alpine Resort-Legendary Alders

    Do some trail work you greedy cucks. It's blocking entrance to lines and making some areas unskiable. WTF. It is not that hard or expensive to hire a trail crew to brush in the summer. Fuck I know people who would gladly go up in the summer and brush for nothing, You were so proud that you cleaned some brush from under Whitepass Chair. How about the rest of the mountain. I've already seen injuries (EMR) because of alders, or as you put it early season conditions...It's bullshit/negligence.
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    They should have named the place Alderie.
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    the situation strikes me as WAY too much drama at this point

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    I hope this public shaming campaign works for you. We have the same problem across the border to the south and west a bit. Everyone I know leaves comments on every survey here and the local hill refuses to pay for alder brush clearing. This past summer a conservation group from a neighboring state cleared 100 acres. Are you fucking kidding me, that is the plan? The shit is out of control and the resorts are pretending it doesn’t exist. I am hoping to find some social media “influencers” and celebrities with bajilion followers skiing/riding amongst, over and thru the alder brush and tagging the shit out of the resort. Really highlight the beauty of a 6’ tall flaming sea urchin in the middle of runs with over 100 inch plus base.

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    I have to agree with this.

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