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    Unbelievable. I had the privilege of visiting Brazil in spring 2018, and I tell Americans that it's difficult to appreciate how huge and the diverse the country is. I think that we flew from Rio to NYC, and after four hours in flight, we were STILL over Brazilian airspace.
    20 years ago, on my first trip to Brasil for Carnaval, I met Americans on the back of the plane, getting stoked and drunk for the impending party. I'll never forget folks telling me how special and magical the party was, they were right. My wife wife hadn't been home in 17 years, back to her home town to see family she hadn't seen in way too long. I did the annual trip in February to Brasil to stay for 3-4 weeks and travel and shop for a condo, and it was my second home.

    Things have changed so much. The economy and politics, my marriage. I still love Brasil, for better or worse. same with the ex wife.
    Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste goood.

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    Sweet! Thanks for posting, looking forward to getting to Jeri one of these years, still poleboarding & loving it
    Like I told my last wife, I never drive faster than I can see, besides it's all in the reflexes.

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    Amazing TR, currently going through your website --- excellent stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gcooker View Post
    Amazing TR, currently going through your website --- excellent stuff
    Thanks! man... just trying to share some stoke!

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