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    yall mofos should do 1 of 2 things: a) hop on a guided snomobile tour to granite hot springs and tip the guide extra to turn a blind eye to your obscene alcohol consumption while operating a motor vehicle or b) hop on an extreme off-trail guided snowmobile tour with 850CC 2-strokes from the fine folks at scenic safaris and see who can hang on longest before destroying a 14k sled in a magnificent drunken crash

    skiing is fun and all, but bachelor party screams brappin to me

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    So many more womens these days. Found an old pick from about Ď90, my buddy staring at the 1, (one), chick in the double chair Thunder line. Gotta love the white stretch pants.
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    There ain't a lot of ladies in Jackson for a bunch of tourists but you can order up some professionals from Rock Springs.
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    Sledding is a lot of fun, and a good bachelor party activity. Brapping around the mountains, tracking up fresh snow, smelling of two stroke, friends helping friends dig out sleds.
    But I donít suggest mixing heavy drinking with the more powerful mountain sleds, plenty of ways to do more that $14k worth of damage to a personís body on those if well intoxicated. Donít want your epic trip report to be clouded by someone fucking themselves up.
    And I donít believe these guys were drinking just horsing around.

    We rented a FS cabin outside Bozeman a few years back, I wisely hid the keys to the mountain sleds at night when the drinking got heavy, we just had the old skandi to fuck around on drunk, much slower and heavier.

    And if you have the funds I am pretty sure there are girls to hire around town. Every now and then I hear stories of how the Eastern Europeans are providing services for lonely men who are into that sort of thing. The Russian sounding cab driver picking you up at the airport probably can make connections.

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    We had an epic Bach party in the early 2000's. I believe the girls I hired came from Pocatello

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