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    ISO: Skis for my fiance

    Looking for some skis and bindings for my better half. Something fairly lightweight (she currently skis an old pair of fishers that are about 165 and weigh far more than my 190 explosive), around 155 in length, 95-100 underfoot.

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    Not sure what your price range is but Evo has last years Vantage 95 womens available in a 154. Think they are asking $285. I was just in search of a similar ski for my wife. Went with the Icelantic Maiden 101 I a 155 cm that I got a deal on. There are also some deals on the atomic backland 102 women's out there. That comes in a 156.

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    asogear on Ebay also usually has some good deals on discontinued models, helped my sister with buying new skis last year and that's where she ended up getting them.

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