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    Quote Originally Posted by Conundrum View Post
    80k is the max for most double axle tractor trailers so 75k is bigger than a box truck.
    guess i stand corrected

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_wolf View Post
    guess i stand corrected
    Or were talking about two different vehicles... Im not paying attention too closely

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    Tesla has two "trucks" currently in development. The first is their semi. It was unveiled a while ago and has been seen being tested around California recently:

    The second is a pick up truck that will compete with the Rivian, F-150, etc.. This truck has not been revealed but is said it will look very futuristic. Rumors say it might be revealed within a year or even less.

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    There's a Tesla e in my office lot most days. Doesn't seem to matter what time of day, whenever I walk by I can hear the fan running even though it's parked with nobody inside. Do they explode in to flames if the coolant system isn't running 24/7?
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