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    Quote Originally Posted by auvgeek View Post
    I like the B&D ones — comfort plates + volcanos. Much easier to rotate. Direct replacement for the silver ones. My wife has them on her skis. Haven’t tried the new black ones, tho.
    I've done the same to my speed turns.

    I used to only use speed turns and comforts, but I have to say I'm thoroughly happy with the Salomon MTN's I picked up last year and they are an improvement to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hafjell View Post
    Nice rig. Sorry for the thread drift, but what bindings are those? Trying to source a manual as a friend just sent me a pair.

    this ^^ should answer all yer questions but there isnt really much to know, the big aluminium screw sets lateral release, the little screw sets vertical release and you need to set heel gap

    I set my lateral at about the same value as my DIN on alpine bindings, I set the vertical 1 higher than the lateral (or i step out on dips and G outs) I use the dynafit guage for the gap or I think its 3 American nickels between heel and binding

    Some people broke the plastic towers on the Verts, I think they were trying to lever as oposed to rotating the heel piece but otherwise the design was bomber so I still have a couple pair of Verticals I plan to stick with (and a RAD1 that I don't trust), leashes ARE annoying and I went back to brakes on all 3 setups

    IME you can really freak the guide out when you thro your ski down at the top of an exposed steep if he is not familiar with that 6' long B&D leash
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    I'm also a previous toe-shimmed speed turn 2.0 regular user. A tried and true setup. Arguably the best $$-to-weight-to-reliability on the market until recently. Or maybe still.

    The last few years I've gone mainly to a non-shimmed speed rad toe and kreuzspitze sctt heels w/14mm adjustment plates. And then the Solly MTN/Atomic Backland came into my life.

    While I still have the dyna/kreuz mashup for their simple, bomber, lightweight, and low ramp properties, the MTN has impressed me tremendously. Race binding functionality (flipper over heel fork) with a flat mode and a second riser, all while having a toe that *most* can tour uphill with unlocked. All at ~290g or less. Not to mention that the plastic heel base is not needed and drops a few grams as well as about 1.5-2mm of ramp. It also has a wider mount pattern than the Speed Rad/Turn, which in theory allows for a stronger mount with greater power transfer from binding to ski (please correct me if my understanding of physics is misguided here). If I were to start from scratch today, I think that the MTN/Backland could easily be on everything but a race-like ski for me. While I do not have long term use with the MTN like I do with the aforementioned clamps, I can say that my initial impressions are very good.

    Anyway, I think this was a longwinded way of saying that quality, LW ski touring binding options are becoming most abundant. Praise Jah.

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    Is there a better source for screws for these bindings than Skimo Co?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hafjell View Post
    Is there a better source for screws for these bindings than Skimo Co?
    I wouldn't call them better, but Binding Freedom and Slidewright might get you there. Options for pozidrive screws suitable for binding mounting are seriously limited in the world.

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    The 300g Touring Binding Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Summit View Post
    Forward travel (which is spring loaded) should theoretically supply some damping in its course of supporting expected release characteristics. You could call it elastic travel in ski flex but you'd rightly say that is a slight abuse of the term, but it does communicate the message. As I have not A-Bd underboot support for power transfer on the same binding model, I suspect you have not A-Bd the Ion with a binding that was identical except that it relied solely on a pin gap instead of forward travel? Sam Shaheen credited the forward travel of the Marker Alpinist to dampness in his Blister gear review.
    FWIW, I spent some time talking to Sam and Luke about this over the weekend. That was their initial conjecture, but after spending more time on the bindings and after getting a decent amount of time on the Zeds, they decided to remove that phrasing because they no longer believe that forward travel (or active length compensation) is correlated at all with the ‘smoothness’ they experienced with the Marker Alpinist. They felt that several bindings with this feature were harsher than other bindings that did not have it.

    Also, by ‘power transfer’ in the reviews, they were speaking about vagueness in the heel and precision felt through the toe. So -different from what I was describing. We’ll be adding that to our glossary and linking to it in our reviews to clarify.

    And they further reiterated that the downhill performance of all of these bindings are very very very close, and that people should really be focusing on the other factors of binding selection instead.

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