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    Gear purge - Ski, bike, climb odds and ends - lots for free or very cheap

    Cleaning out the gear closets so I can justify new things. I wasn’t sure how to price a lot of this so please police accordingly. I’m happy to take offers, especially from people looking to buy multiple things since I hate going to the post office. Photos coming soon, but let me know if you want detailed photos of anything in particular. Shipping would be from NY.

    I’d also be interested in trades. Things I’m looking for (obviously some of these would be trade+cash):

    • 85-95mm midweight ski in 172-180cm
    • 115-120mmish light-to-midweight skis for powder tours, 172-180cm
    • Ski tuning tools – file guides, files and diamond stones, sidewall planer
    • 300 cm carbon probe
    • Smith MIPS helmet
    • Dynafit Verticals or other older styles
    • Toe shims for Verticals
    • Carbon telescoping poles
    • Whippet
    • Lightweight Ski touring harness
    • Mammut RAS 2.0 airbag cartridge (the good people at TSA decided to keep mine)

    Things for Sale --

    • Black Diamond Ascension skins – older style tail clip, no tip loop. These are pretty old and could use a reglue, but they do work. 80 mm at the waist, 110 mm at the shovel, 180 cm longish. -- $40
    • Axial 110 binding – these go to 11. Bought them here, never mounted them -- $35


    • BD C4 #3 Blue - $40
    • BD C4 .75 Green - $35
    • Metolius Power Cam Yellow #2 - $25
    • Wild Country Flexible Friends Gold 1.0 tied no sling - $22
    • DMM chalkbag - $5
    • BD Nut – pinky-tip size, not really sure what size it is, and it’s a bit twisted - $4

    Mountain Biking

    • RaceFace Atlas All Mountain cranks with unknown spindle and chainrings - $40
    • SRAM X-9 shifter - $15
    • Shimano XT front derailleur - $15
    • SRAM X-7 front derailleur - $10
    • Avenir 2000 stem – 100mm long, 31.8 - $10

    BEER MONEY / BY DONATION / FREE + SHIP / TRADE FOR YOUR JUNK – I reserve the right to favor people who are buying something. Feel free to call dibs, but if you’re not buying anything else, I may wait to see if anyone else that has bought something else is interested.

    • BD Quadrants – sz 27 – Never fit me. Bought them here. Missing powerstraps because I gave those away here. Liners have two bakes I think and could definitely take another.
    • 2 Camelback thermoses – literally never used - $8 each or free if you get something else?
    • Black Evolv climbing shoes w/ busted toes – 10.5
    • Left EMS mitten, quite warm, missing its mate
    • Knee braces – 2 – what they put you in after an ACL tear and surgery. For the skier who has everything.
    • Orange/green evolve climbing shoes w/ busted toes – 10.5
    • Homemade rutschblock cable / cornice cutter – works as intended, annoying to coil up.
    • MFD Alltime Market plates – I should have all the hardware. Got them here for free and couldn’t end up using them
    • Beanies – 2 left, better for smaller domes
    • Broken garmin e-trex – left batteries in it that leaked. You could probably clean it and get it to work. It was in excellent working condition before that
    • Lifeproof iphone 7 case with broken charging door – no longer waterproof
    • Tall drinking cup thing
    • REI insulated mug
    • Figure-8 rappel device

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    • Marmot Windstopper softshell - not sure of the model. Signs of wear but works fine. Men's size Small, orange - $35
    • Garmin vivosmart HR fitness tracker – works but is pretty scratched
    • Red Oakley goggles
    • Patagonia nanopuff vest – older model w/ a half-zip. Black on the outside, dark blue on the inside – size M - $40
    • Mountain Hardwear Conduit softshell pants Men’s S – these are great. Full side zip makes them easy to get on and off. There’s a small hole above the right knee with tape over it. The tape is peeling and should probably be removed and replaced with a better patch – $40
    • Metolius Power Cam Black #5 - $27
    • Metolius Power Cam Blue #1 - $25
    • Metolius chalkbag - $5
    • Blue striped hat
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    I'm into the clear plastic REI mug. Not buying anything but damn would it make me happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by margotron View Post
    I'm into the clear plastic REI mug. Not buying anything but damn would it make me happy
    I aim to please. You can have it, barring anyone else wanting it shipped with something else I'm already sending out.

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    no matter where ya go, there ya are

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    Bump and a few price drops. I responded to most PMs. If you haven't heard from me, it means someone else is in line ahead of you for the item but I'll respond if that person falls through.

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