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    On another tangent.

    Weather is like a Mag after a Safety Meeting

    This is the best description yet on weather models and forecasting/predicting what's gonna happen next from Joel Gratz on Open Snow:

    The upcoming storms are hard to forecast
    People often ask me what makes some storms easy to forecast and what makes storms harder to forecast.
    The easier and more confident forecasts are when a well-defined system moves quickly. Think about a strong cold front that moves through with 3-4 hours of intense snow and then it’s gone. Models do a good job with these storms and the forecast is often consistent for days before the system arrives.
    The harder and less confident forecasts are when a less well-defined system moves through more slowly and changes strength as it moves. This is what we have coming up with the next three storms, so expect the forecast to continue to change even right up to the storm’s arrival.

    Putting all of this another way, if a train is moving down the tracks at 60 mph, it’s easy to forecast where that train will be in the next minute. Compare that to a person that leaves a bar late at night and slowly trudges down the street, wobbling a little bit as they walk. Where will this person be in the next minute? That’s a less confident forecast!
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    your vacation
    weather is a crock
    I predict anything after getting stoned
    just need to know the basics

    1) its gonna snow or its not going to snow
    2) it's going to snow alot or just alittle
    3) if it's too cold it's not going to snow, if its to hot its gonna rain
    4) winter comes early on time or late
    5) if the clouds are touching the mountains its going to snow if they're not it's not going to snow
    6) average is just someones over all interpretation

    anyone who spews anything more detailed that that doesn't know what they are saying

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    Stumbling down the street drunk and post safety meeting behavior are pretty different from what I recall. Post safety meeting everyone's sitting around doing nothing waiting for someone else, anyone else, to initiate the next phase of the plan or activity... sometimes for like an hour or so..
    Go that way really REALLY fast. If something gets in your way, TURN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastfred View Post
    weather is a crock
    That’s because it’s controlled by the government. Only flat earthers know the real truth.
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    This is a good post!

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