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    Quote Originally Posted by sruffian View Post
    Speaking of summers with better PR - has anyone driven what appears to be 3pmsf certified tires with 4-season mileage warranties? These do not look like snow tires to me, and may be de-valuing the mark? Of course, if they perform like the marketing language suggests, they're snow tires you can drive for 60k at any temperature

    3PMSF passenger-car tires:
    Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady
    Hankook Kinergy 4S (Canada only)
    Michelin CrossClimate + (limited sizes available)
    Nokian WRG3
    Toyo Celsius
    Vredestein Quatrac5
    Tire mileage warranties are about wear down to legal limit. Not snow perfomance.

    It doesn't matter what tire it is if you're running it down to that it's going to suck in snow.
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    And there will come a day when our ancestors look back...........

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    right but i've worn a winter tire down to that in 20k miles, cus it's 100 degrees here in the summer. Interested in the performance of the tires more than general observations on the marketing con here...

    these things are at best unproven so will be sticking w snows and summers, personally. despite living with minimal storage space for things like 4 wheels and tires

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    2nd searching for el chupacabra’s thread. Some “all weather” tires have been around for over a decade, so not exactly unproven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodywhomper View Post

    Is there a good resource to know/understand what whee size will fit? Tire rack recommends a 15” wheel for that car, but oem is 16 or 17”. If I can find them at an acceptable $, I’d like to get second wheels for all my vehicles. I may between $50-60 to mount tires to my wheels.
    The main thing to consider when you go smaller is how much clearance you have with the brake housing inside the wheel. Our Alltrack has 17" stock and I got a steal on nice 16" aftermarket rims for Blizzaks. They barely fit over the brakes by a few mm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liam1Black View Post
    I have a suspicion that if I change my tires I will increase throughput. My Ford's engine power is enough, but often skidding in the mud. My friend advised me to put the chains on wheels, does that make sense?
    I don't know what your Ford is, but if it is an F-150 definitely check the clearance, especially on the brake lines up front. Your owners manual may even say not to use chains on specific size tires. The main thing is to visually check clearance and make sure they stay snug.

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