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Thread: Cost of riding

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    I agree that there is a higher cost to not riding.

    I rarely drive to ride and I ride to not drive so when I drive to ride I don't feel too bad. In fact I don't feel bad about it at all. I suppose I should factor in the cost of my Tacoma sitting in the driveway into my cost of riding, about the only thing I use it for is riding these days, I put a total of 3000km on it last year.

    The math for my commuter.
    Free 1981 Raleigh Grand Prix (purchased new by my brother for about ($250),
    cables - leftover from bike shop days $20 (4x$5)?
    a few hours cleaning and regreasing (grease $0.05),
    Tires - $30
    Ambulance ride to the ER - Free (ICBC paid)
    Physio, Massage, Chiropractor - free (ICBC pays)
    Payout from ICBC for getting smoked by a car - as yet unknown (I've been told I should expect mid to low 5 digits) It's got me dreaming of a new Pivot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveVt View Post
    Are we counting the externalized "Costs" that the global materials economy pretends don't exist as well? Human and environmental? That's when shit get's pricey...because unbridled consumerism will cost us not just an arm and a leg, but the whole planet.

    Spin off a thread about how much gasoline you use in a year to Mountain Bike. That alone could be shocking as compared to the average human's energy consumption globally. Pulling back the veil of the "American Lifestyle" is not very particular for folks who live a typical adventure/tourism lifestyle.

    Flame on....
    No kids. I can despoil the planet way more than anyone who's put more human beings on the earth and feel all #namaste and shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeLau View Post
    No kids. I can despoil the planet way more than anyone who's put more human beings on the earth and feel all #namaste and shit
    Same with Mrs Flake and I. Married for 24 years. Iíll drive wherever the fuck I want to drive, to ride I and iís bike.
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    Still riding my dad's 1998 Bianchi road bike. I tell people it has to be the fastest bike of it's age left on earth, and I barely ever have to do any work on it.

    Riding that thing instead of driving (whenever possible) and putting almost no money into it is how I validate a ridiculous budget for MTB-related expenses...

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    I spend a lot less money on riding than a lot of other useless shit I spend money on. And I like all of it.

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    "If it floats, flies, or fucks, rent it." (Author unknown)

    My bike and skis are my outlets, I'd be dead without them. Biking and skiing are worth it. What's NOT worth it are the guys who spend a crapton of $ on it then never go. Their list of excuses are never ending.

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