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    Moving Golden CO --> SLC next year. How's the June ski mountaineering in Utah?

    In CO you can ski 3000ft+ descents to mid-late June. It's my favorite month to ski.

    I've only skied in Utah in June once and it was a miserable snow year (this past year), so I have no idea what it's usually like. Is everyone relegated to Little Cottonwood? I'm trying to avoid that kind of scene. Like are there decent lines on Mt Nemo and Timpanogos and such later in the year? Or is Colorado's June Utah's May?

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    While not as ubiquitous as CO due to lower elevation skiing in June is common in average or good years. Hell Snowbird still has Lift served some years in June. Once Mirror Lake Highway opens in May the Uintahs are open for business as long as snow holds....

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