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    Marmot warranty kicks ass!! Thank you Marmot..

    Last year I got a pair of marmot bibs, and they ended up ripping out on one seam. I sent them in, waited about a week, and just now they gave me a full warranty replacement! New Bibs are on their way!

    THANK YOU MARMOT! that was fast, easy and painless...

    That sort of customer service means I'm going through your website looking for a new shell..

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    Good to know, I have not had quite as good an experience with a North Face puffy. I drove a cab for a while and there was a giant sales meeting for the North Face at Squaw and one of their employees noticed my puffy was ripped in the Zipper was broken and they said send it in, North Face will take care of you. The North Face just sent it back to me saying they couldn't contact me to discuss it. They sent it back to me, they could have just sent the new one. They had my email, phone and address.

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    I asked them politely to fix a broken zipper pull and they said no.

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