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    Thumbs up The kids are alright, yet the adults.....

    Just a general observation & shout-out to the juniors out there & perhaps a mild suggestion to the adults. In the early season skiing, Iíve been wicked impressed by the young folks on the hill in terms of etiquette & respect shown for the various type/styles/abilities out on limited terrain. It has honestly provided positive vibes & hope for the future of skiing.

    Contrasting this has been a plethora of adults behaving poorly: not looking up/down hill, trampling over pplís skis in the line, falling down in the line & needing to take their skis off to get up & generally skiing without any degree of awareness.

    I found this gem on another site about how the mtn ambassadors were carrying on:

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    So next time youíre ou the hill, ski like a kiddo.

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    If your in a lift line with people who fall down in line you're in the line for the wrong lift.

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