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    Quote Originally Posted by hutash View Post
    Prior to July 2014 assholes like you weren't here, so by definition things were better in the old days. i.e. prior to 7/14.
    Awesome detective work Hutash.

    Who posted this nug in 2011?

    Been here for longer than you think.

    IMO this place just keeps getting better and better. I think you are just getting senile and irritable in your old age.

    Quote Originally Posted by reckless toboggan View Post
    TGRs resident snitch. You try and get anyone else busted for weed lately?

    Stand up mag right here.

    I've donated to get mags out of jail for weed. RT tells lies to try and get mags arrested for weed. Awesome guy.

    Quote Originally Posted by reckless toboggan View Post
    It's really too bad someone hasn't alerted the authorities to the pictures and bragging of the illegal grow ops. They could just save someone's life by taking the guns away from a blatant criminal.
    Call me crazy... But having members such as these could be the reason for TGRs supposed downfall.

    Could it be that TGR has aged and the gnar slayers have given way to crotchety old men, tattlers and whiners?

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    pictures speak a thousand words

    Click image for larger version. 

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