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    It's a bit of a long story but yeah, I've had 2 surgeries. The first one didn't hold, I pulled some of the screws out of the bone the first go round. Doc said I could go and do some fly fishing, I should not have gone and fished. The first break was back at either the very end of july or beginning of august. It's been a long recovery and it still isn't feeling all that great but surprisingly it doesn't hurt to bike.

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    In all seriousness, sorry to hear. That sucks. I'm know it's nice (Nay, necessary! Therapeutic!) to be back on the bike, but be careful out there, man!

    Awesome pics as always. We very seriously considered rerouting our trip to the PNW as soon as I saw this.
    Remind me. We'll send him a red cap and a Speedo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dantheman View Post
    Wait, didn't you break it like 4 months ago? Second surgery? Damn, riding 6 weeks out from a bone graft is BADASS, ride fast take chances, slam beer whoohooooooo bitches!!!
    I agree
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