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    RIP Tony Joe White

    The Swamp Fox was the real deal. He damn sure knew how to write a song and his way around a Strat ... RIP Tony Joe. Check these out if you don't know about him ... especially you young'uns who've never heard of him.

    And the days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations
    Well, I have really good days - Ray Wylie Hubbard

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    Wow never had heard of him. Good shit. RIP

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    Love me some swamp rock. RIP Tony Joe

    And FWIW, it’s “Poke Salet” not Polk Salad
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    Only know the name from Southern Culture on the Skids song.
    Voodoo Cadillac

    come on baby take a ride with me
    up to mississippi down to new orleans
    tuck and roll a FM stereo
    got some tony joe white on my radio

    I didn't get this here baby just a choppin' on wood
    I got 8 slappin' pistons right here under my hood
    let's ride

    Put him on Spotify playlist. Thx again, and RIP
    “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
    Hunter S. Thompson

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