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    Quote Originally Posted by Eluder View Post
    I have a near new 2019 Medium Transition Smuggler I would make a deal on. Im the same height as you and it fits perfect.
    That's a beautiful bike, thank you for the offer but on the tippy top of my price range and if I'm being honest, more than I really want to spend

    Pedalhead is definitely still high on the list. Get to check out the Yeti 4.5 next weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by volklpowdermaniac View Post
    Iím looking to do the same soon. Went back to grad school at an older than most age, graduating in 18 months looking to add a second bike to go with sb5.5 which is love of my life. Agree with posters here; go hardtail for sure, personally Iím going HT 27.5+, steelie or alum. Basically want a mellow, less slack, hardtail that I can put mileage on/beat on in the winter/foul weather.
    Ha! Same here. Although I'm currently in grad school and just made the (dumb?) choice of buying a new bike. Went with a Surly Krampus...when I graduate next year maybe I'll have the $$$ for a suspension fork!

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    ^ It's only dumb when Fed Loan interest rates start to exceed 4.5%

    I bought a ton of wine when I was in grad school ... consolidated my loans at 2.8% and after incentives I'm only paying 1.3% right now!

    Of course, I married someone whose Fed Loan rates are north of 7%, and we can't consolidate due to PSLF requirements
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    I'll be there."
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    Quote Originally Posted by plugboots View Post
    Make your second bike very different from your Spot. I have a SS hardtail and a geared FS for example, (and a road bike). Some days I just don't feel like doing 5 miles of stand up climbing, some days I don't feel like I need the suspension or the extra weight, or maintenance, etc.

    Spot Brand just dropped their Rocker prices to $2199 for BF. I demoed one last week (29") and really liked the geometry and the belt drive. Felt a bit like a hard tail version of my Mayhem. Going to pull the trigger. Just need to determine if I want 27.5+ or 29.

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    I had a Ripley and Bronson combo for a while. Found that I rarely went for the Ripley when it came time to go ride. The Bronson climbed almost as well and was a lot more fun on the downs. Ended up selling the Ripley last summer.

    I think it depends on how many days a week you ride. Trying to find time to keep 2 bikes in good working order gets to be tough. I'm constantly tweaking, changing tires, bleeding lines, and keeping suspension in tip top shape. Gets to be a lot of work doing that for 2 mtbs.

    Personally I'd rather have a sweet road bike to go out on when the trails are sloppy. Keep a one bike quiver for mtb. Or at least get another bike that you can swap wheels with on the Rollik. That way if you bend a rim or break a spoke, you're not SOL.

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    This, you mentioned it in your first post. On my list for next year.

    IBIS DV9

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    Ended up with the Yeti 4.5c. For $2300 I just couldnít pass it up. No 27.5+ but I really started thinking about how often Iíd actually swap wheelsets. The bike is awesome. Super light, snappy, much different ride than my spot. Iím happy with the purchase and now fully have upgrade-itis with a few of the parts! Haha. Thnx for all the advice and suggestions everyone, it really did help me land on this bike as it wasnít on my original list. Cheers!

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