Prior to my trekking trip in Nepal, I went to get a deep tissue massage as I was having some discomfort in the glute area; as Murphy's law has it, the therapist diagnosed my glute pain as Ischial tuberosity!!!

I remember the cause of injury, which was overloading the leg extension weight in the gym last year - there was a pull in my glute area, which I just assumed was a muscle tear and it'd heal in time. So, I ignored it and continued on as normal. During the summer, I did plenty of cycling and didn't really notice any issues with the glute other than a dull ache. However, the reason there wasn't much of a reaction in the glute from the cycling is because cycling is non-weight bearing and so it didn't irritate the underlying problem.

So, with plans made and tickets booked for the near future, I've now been told I need to rest.

I've gone out for a few walks with my weighted backpack (to simulate the trekking) for an 1-2 hours at a time and not really noticed a strong reaction. Of course, this isn't the same trekking with 16kg for 6-8 hrs/day, going up and down hills.

Needless to say, I'm hesitant about venturing out on my planned treks now.

So, I'm wondering to what extent this problem can be managed as I go along. Gradual increase of trekking days..starting with half days and slowly increasing to full days. Then, loads of stretching before and after treks. Then, just see how it reacts? Then after my trip I can embark upon rehab (Prolotherapy?).