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    Riding around phillipsburg MT?

    So I'm going to be moving over that way after next summer(be there on and off until then). Like usual my searching sucks here but I know a couple of you(not bunion, hick and others) have some knowledge of the riding around there. Obviously there's the bike park at disco and cdt stuff but my bike riding is pretty limited to SW Montana and I'm sure I'll still hit a lot of the favorites but would love to hear about anything people have ridden out there. Also my PM function sucks so if there's stuff you dont want to post up I can throw up my email. Thanks for looking guys.

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    Black Pine ridge

    There's a race on it in late June, so shortly before and after that it should be pretty clear and in good shape. I did not pay much attention to the scenery but you are way up there and the views are pretty good. Probably want to go north to south. I'm not sure how I would shuttle it. we started at the bottom of willow creek road and finished in downtown phillipsburg. I think you can drive to both ends of the singletrack but it might be easier to just park a car at the bottom and ride up.

    Also there are some trails around anaconda, and butte isn't far, and there's stuff off skalkaho pass if you go the other way.

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