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    Oh yeah, another one in the same condo building: Old codger (and jolly drinker type) decided to catch a few winks while drawing his bath, and evidently the tub's overflow drain wasn't working properly. Oops! The guy in the condo below came home to "still no sign of land, how long is it"; pretty bad, all new carpeting and plenty of ceiling and wall work, probably other stuff, and there was never any question that Mr. Sleepyhead was responsible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Core Shot View Post

    Ps. Most washers donít have pans.
    Water heaters, yes.

    No code requirements that I know of for washing machine
    all washers and water heaters in multi family need to have floor drains per code, the drain needs to be accessible

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman View Post
    Benny you gotta get to Florida. Yeah the biking's not awesome but on the bright side, when you get to the point wheres somebody's bugging you, they die.
    Or I do.

    Let's do some livin'
    After, we die

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