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    Jim Harris Remove people from your Spam List

    I am Posting this in Ski area because Jim acquired many of our emails, he spams with from the Ski/snowboard page or links we have on here like my Art page.

    this is the only email I ever received that I can't stop from being blocked; and I assume there are many more people here who receive spams too.

    *I have tried private message ,but he is not logging in or ignoring them*

    Love ya Jim; had some good turns years ago; but the email spams are ridiculous ..they are from mobile phone and I can't open them anyway if wanted to .. I can't block them.. wtf
    ski paintings" horror has a face; you must make a friend of horror...horror and moral terror.. are your friends...if not, they are enemies to be feared...the horror"....col Kurtz

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    Off yer meds again I see.
    "Zee damn fat skis are ruining zee piste !" -Oscar Schevlin

    "Hike up your skirt and grow a dick you fucking crybaby" -what Bunion said to Harry at the top of The Headwaters

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