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    BakFlip F1 all the way. I have had them on three trucks....great support and warranty

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    had a retrax on a f250 , it was great , but the can gets in way if you try to carry sled in a short bed. changed trucks, changed to the bakflip trifold as the last position is vertical leaving the forward bed unblocked for sled skis....

    so yeah what he ^ said bakflip
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    Used one quite a bit on this Colorado that I drove around for a while... forgot what brand it was though

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    I had this one on my old 2005 Tundra with 6.5í bed. I liked it enough but switch to a shell when I got the cargo glide for the bed.

    Iím looking to sell this thing, cheap. Havenít listed it for sale yet tho.

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    Tonneau Covers...

    Quote Originally Posted by Peruvian View Post
    I just ordered a folding cover from Tonno Pro. $265 shipped although the website says it could be 4 weeks until delivery. Plenty of time until ski season.
    Tonno Pri advised that supply chain issues meant they didnít know when they could ship my cover.

    A quick look at Amazon showed 10 of the same cover in stock and shipped for arrival next Thursday. Fucking Jeff Bezos. I want to avoid giving the big A any biz but how can I resist?

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    Bump of relevant thread -

    I'm considering a tonneau cover for the truck. It currently has a Thule Xsporter rack (adjustable height ladder rack type thing) with a rocketbox, but the lowest height it adjusts to is still fairly high up - enough to be annoying.

    I think I want a hard cover tonneau, something that can't be opened with a pocket knife. Also, something that allows for opening the tailgate without first opening the tonneau. Finally, it has to be reasonably easy to install/remove for use of the bed, as well as for putting on the slide in camper in summer.

    Looking at the Diamondback hard aluminum covers - anyone here have one from them? Online reviews are solid. Expensive though, but they do have an outlet with blem product that is a decent discount.
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    I have a Leer 4 piece folding cover on my Tundra. It's nice because you can fold the whole thing up out of the way to use the entire bed (it does obscure your view out the back). Does excatly what I want it to do, but it isn't 100% waterproof. Not sure if it was the install, or the product, but stuff gets wet in the bed in heavy rain. We put the carpet liner inside of it because we are always carrying skis, surfboards, etc, and not really much other stuff like wood or rocks, or vehicles, so when the carpet gets wet it's a bit of a pain to try and get it dry during the winter in the PNW.

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