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    Quote Originally Posted by buttahflake View Post
    Gravy you suck on a bike, you are a fat ass-fuck, stop posing. And Davey, let’s not forget the time you threatened to ‘choke me out, till I die’, there was some graphic shit about you staring into my eyes as I passed. You are a sick little fuck, don’t ever forget it, you little fucking mr mom, bitch.
    Fucking guy should have been banned, you lame-ass motherfucker, mods.
    Take a Lap
    Yeah what was i thinking, you're clearly just a chill dude.
    Take a Nap gran'dad.

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    I learned to watch a video of trail, especially one by these two weird guys that have POV of tons of trails around here.

    They arent that great but they are consistent.

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