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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveVt View Post
    As a parent I can't imagine sending my kid out into the surf to play on the cape now. We go to Maine. Water on the Maine coast is too cold for GWs, understanding that they have a basic heat exchange system and can tollorate colder water than most sharks. Any sightings ever as far up as say the 5 islands/Bath area? Never heard of one.
    The proximity of the gulf stream to the coast up to, and just past the cape brings in the big girls....even up on Nova Scotia.
    I don’t see how Maine summer water could be too cold for whites. We have plenty off the central Cal coast and our water 50-58F pretty much year round. Summer gets quite a bit warmer than that on the ME coast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackstraw View Post
    It is believed that sharks are color blind and it would make sense because they've attacked colored surfboards.
    Quote Originally Posted by muted View Post
    What about a crazy pattern then under the board?

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    Interesting you ask that because I've ready stories/studies that sharks won't attack a swimmer in a wetsuit that mimics the black and white striping of the sea snake.

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    I read someplace that people were putting giant eye stickers on the bottom of their boards, the idea being as it gets closer the shark thinks he’s lost the element of surprise. Like:

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    Striping or pattern make sense because pretty much all of the other large animals are camouflage contrast coloring. Shark be like that's not in the data bank.

    On a separate note, my son swam Boston Sharkfest this morning at Carsons Beach. Great swim and so warm for the swimmers afterwards. Saw cougars, but no sharks

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    there is always the danger of sharks

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    Attack in Nova scotia, i'm thinking a duck dog misteaken for a seal
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