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    Neil Young/POTR Capital Theater Port Chester NY 9/27

    Iím all about the balcony at the Cap. Itís just too crowded for my tastes in GA. Also the floor is sloped for stadium seating reasons of course. Balcony has nice seats, itís carpeted (not that that matters), has waitress service and a bathroom that isnít slammed. Great sight lines.

    Saw Neil in Boston. Great show.

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    There's really not a bad seat in the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post
    yeah, been to 7 or so shows there, it was Tedeski Trucks Band there where I really noticed it.

    Drive By truckers on the other hand was fairly solid "dudes who would BBQ at my house" age

    Be fkn crazy if after 15 years we actually met at a concert...

    & g lover where you at these days? been a while since Little Cloud
    Ha yeah, I was wondering where you'd been too. I'm still up here in the LoHud about halfway between Peekskill and Danbury.

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny Profane View Post
    Dude, I have all the time in the world to pay attention these days. First I heard of it was here. Here. here's their calendar as of now, 9/17 Find me Neil.
    I was in your town today, thought of calling you. We need to hook up for a few beers, it's been a while. We'll get Woodsy to hop on that train and come up and join us.

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    Sure. Good brewery over here. Nod Hill.

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