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    Quote Originally Posted by flowing alpy View Post
    Wow! I knew Utah had the greatest snow on earth because I have a book on it, but I had no idea they had their own unit system too.

    My bad humor aside. Here’s my 2 cents.

    First penny, carve or don’t carve. I hope we all come down the mountain the way that makes us happy. I won’t criticize or critique anyone but my self because I need all the attention I can get from my inner critic.

    Second penny, I don’t appreciate the video with the folks using the “Slow” sign like a gate. Obviously the hill was clear for their filming and they were not directly causing harm to anyone. However, as a dad who frequently had to play fullback for my little learners (especially their first year) when the trails merged near the lift lines, I wished more people would take the slow signs more seriously.

    To be clear, I would never worry about my kids sharing a trail with the athletes in the video because I am confident they are skiing within their limits, but the gaper that may have seen, or will see, the video and like to pretend they are world cup material while on a green run aptly named something like “Daisy,” are a major concern to me.

    I watched my boy (6 at the time) get hit by a young rider who flew by two slow signs and make blind turn into him. My boy got knocked over and his skis run over, but he was otherwise OK. I will never forget the rage and I am glad I check myself before escalating the situation further than words.

    Now my my kids are better skiers. They are more aware, and no longer relying on lots of traverses, they use less of the trail. If anything the tables have turned, and I have to get on them about obeying the slow signs.

    Ranting dad moment over. Roast my newby self away forum if you wish for the hijack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisingarizona13 View Post
    Nu-metal? Is that like douche rock?
    yeah it's like korn and limp bizkit and all the other stuff that's given me a hair-trigger to mute 90s-2000s era ski edits

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