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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    There are better things to take a stand on.
    i stand firmly behind my tire selection, for now.
    also, i have a feeling am stood for a cause
    that required him to take that stand.
    Alpental Indigenous

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    Quote Originally Posted by plugboots View Post
    For sure. But most people accept this and move on...
    I mean FFS, it's a $180 tree stand left in the woods.
    Can you image being a grown ass man standing in front of a judge and arguing that you are a delicate flower that has been so emotionally traumatized by the temporary theft of your tree stand that you deserve monetary compensation? Skip is in danger of becoming a meme.

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    Not if he appears in a nice pink Jumper.

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    You guys realize that $180 restitution wasn’t the value of the two tree stands? That restitution was in addition to the return of the stands, plus the return of the trail camera which was also stolen. I suppose it was to cover the chain that was cut, and maybe other damage.

    Total value was less than $1500, which is where felony theft starts, but a bit more than just $180.

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