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    ^^^ Dang. Thanks for posting this.

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    Perhaps I should go back and edit my "first impressions" post, but I thought I would serve myself a bit of humble pie and post an update now that I've had the chance to actually try out the Barryvox.

    It is a solid, easy to use, seemingly quite accurate beacon. The faster processor and greater range are apparent when compared to the Tracker 2. The directional arrows and audible guidance are both easy to understand and really precise. I still don't love the search/send switch, and feel it is kind of the weak link with this beacon, but the ease of use seems to compensate for that.

    Also, I should add that I managed to break my Tracker 2 by, I shit you not, dropping it about 2.5 feet as I was removing it from a nightstand drawer. So yeah, I'll eat some crow on the durability crack I made.

    I'm impressed with the Barryvox, as it seems like it would be a straightforward beacon to become very proficient with. I decided I didn't need or want the features of the S, as I don't intend to be using my beacon for things other than search practice, beacon checks at the beginning of the day, and finding someone/being found.

    I am bummed that my Mammut pants don't have a beacon pocket, so it looks like I'll be going chest harness, although I prefer to wear it in my pants.
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    I've gotten accustomed to keeping my beacon in the dedicated slot (with clip) in the rt. front pocket of my OR pants. Since I am a skinny assed guy, I have trouble keeping the pants from wanting to go south when the pockets are loaded. Just picked up a pair of suspenders from Duluth Trading of all places, that hook nicely into the suspender loops on the pants. The OR brand suspenders are built for Shaq and do not work for me without major modifications. This should keep pants and beacon in place. I like the pocket location for the beacon for the above posted reasons.

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