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    This post is freaking great!! Welcome to the U.S. Must be a wild change!!
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    More please. I spent two summers up there in the nineties. Great trip down memory lane for me here. Reminds me I need to get my kids up there and show them around.

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    This thread reminds me of why I live here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BFD View Post
    If you need convincing there are people from Alaska in Alaska than maybe your next TR should be from the Mecca Bar.
    Ahh shit get meccanized!!

    This is an awesome thread how did I not see it until today. I lived in Fairbanks when I was a kid we moved after 6th grade. Lots of great times up there.
    But Ellen kicks ass - if she had a beard it would be much more haggard. -Jer

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