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    Multi-purpose helmet?

    Hi, I'm in the market to buy a water helmet, pretty much have the Black Diamond Half Dome in mind.
    But since there are other sports that I'm into also require (or recommend) helmet such as whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding and rollerblading (not too important), I'm wondering if there a multi-purpose helmet that can be used for all the activities that I'm into?
    Is BD Half Dome acceptable for river kayak? or will I be better off buy a kayaking helmet and use that for climbing? Name:  Triple-Eight-Water-Helmet.jpg
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    Wouldn't do it...

    Different helmets are made with different types of impacts in mind. but with that said, I know multiple people (even a couple ski patrollers) that have used whitewater helmets as snowsport helmets with good luck. But the cut and materials are not 100% the same and snow-sport helmets tend to be more purpose built.

    A climbing helmet such as the BD Dome protects from impacts from above (falling rock) but they have relatively poor side of head and back of head protection and are generally unsuitable for skiing, whitewater, rollerblading, etc.

    Shred Ready makes a whitewater helmet for under 50 bucks, Smith makes snow helmets for sub 100. Invest in your dome! Don't cut corners on safety equipment.

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    Don't have but I heard good reviews about POC Receptor+ helmets.

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    a worthy discussion just don't click on the link, Dolores is just spamming

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    The helmet is one of the most important parts of safety. Not in the know where you can buy a helmet that will protect the entire head in a lightweight material?

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    As with most most multi-purpose things, I'm sure that "multi-use" helmet would be OK at any one thing, but not good at any of them.

    Is your head (and comfort) worth it?
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    What's up with all the electric scooter nerds not being required to wear helmets when most cities have laws that require bicyclists and skateboarders to wear helmets? Somebody at city hall's getting paid off by those scooter rental companies..

    As for multi purpose. I think it boils down to comfort and performance. Lightweight helmets designed to be comfortable and strong in hot weather probably aren't comfortable or strong in very cold weather. Even a hat is probably better than nothing but get something designed for the task at head..
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