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    I spent November 2016 in Portrush, up north on the Causeway Coast, and spent a couple of days in Dublin on the end of the trip. Apart from being less than thrilled about the pneumonia and hernia I had picked up, I enjoyed the city and people. The hotel I was in was close to the business/political center. It amazed me how many people bike commuted. I happened to be walking down a commuting route at 5pm and watched probably 200 people bike by in ten minutes, with head/tail lights and orange vests. People don't move to Ireland for the food, but I had a quite good and interesting Moroccan dinner at Dada, right downtown. I ditto the other comments on how much awesome exploring there is in that area.
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    You can do anything for a year. With the close proximity to the Alps and to a lesser degree Scottish/Welsh mountains, I say go for it. You might not ski as much but the skiing you do get is gonna super different than the US. Also, quite a big mountain bike scene in the UK, I bet Ireland is similar. I'd look in to that too.

    And the cooking isn't great but my trips to the UK made me appreciate the "full breakfast" after a long night in the pub.

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    You leave Im going to squat in your slummit park casa and have rager parties

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