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    Not sure how similar a cat is to a dog with regards to the circulatory system. We had two birmans, brother/sister twins. One a little over a year ago started having weakness in his hand legs. Started falling, etc. One cause of this is a clot in the artery that goes to the hind legs. The artery splits when it gets to the hips and of course becomes smaller, causing the clot to lodge in that area, leading to weakness of the rear legs and eventually worse.

    He ended up dying May of last year.

    His sister started exhibiting the same symptoms a couple months later and soon after died. Sucked. What're the odds of the same cause being the cause of death of two cats within a couple months?
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was our buddy Jakey. He was a 100lb Lab/Mastiff and he was almost 12. A vet told my wife he would have hip issues his whole life and not make it past 8 with his health issues. On his 8th birthday we had a party for him, and had a birthday for him every year after. Seriously. We got cake and party hats.
    But then he started losing weight and his back end went out on him. He could still walk a little, but he had no control over his legs. I had to “wheelbarrow” him around with a towel under his waist. I had to carry him up and down stairs, and normally he wouldn’t let me hug him, but he was ok with this. We knew it was the end, and he did too. He was ok with it.

    My wife took that picture of him when she told him he was getting a bacon wrapped filet for dinner. He loved bacon.

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    Good looking pup, CA; looks like my Loki. Love the sugar-face lab mixes.

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    This is Bailey. I birthed her and she lived a very very active life. She even has a doggie first decent. But now, her hips are understandably shot, but her brain is in fuck you mode.

    The best. I've had a ton of dogs over the years starting with my parents as breeders. This is the pinnacle. I fully look forward to putting that cartridge in her head. She deserves it. Her mom deserves a ton of credit too. They kept each other alive. Through some very tough times.

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    Interested to hear how the OP's pooch is doing now that he has VET/Drug intervention

    You never know

    Hoping for some good news
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    He’s doing well. Still struggles but not nearly as bad.

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    seedeeppow, best to you and your bud

    Quote Originally Posted by hutash View Post
    NSAIDs can be magic
    Very true. My bud Ted's dog Phoebe, a veteran ski touring dog -- some mags have run into Pheobe on tours -- has really perked up since she started a course of doggie NSAIDs.

    Quote Originally Posted by hutash View Post
    Just a word of warning on meloxicam, dose very carefully. It is nasty stuff, good at the proper dose, but can cook kidneys very easily.
    Yup. Applies to humans too. I am currently on a post-TKR surgery meloxicam course. My dosing stops early next week, 2 weeks after surgery. I will likely then switch to naproxen sodium.

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