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    Headware removal seems unnecessarily painful, and not at all likely to help. ;-)

    I would do it, knowing what I know now. When the surgeon gave me the option in the beginning I couldn't tell the pain was coming from the hardware (never could and still don't know 100%, but i'm pretty sure). But I also didn't know that it would be a requirement as a different surgery prior to the knee replacement. Actually it's not a requirement but a serious recommendation. Basically they have to make a slice down one side for the hardware removal, and one long slice down the middle for the tkr and it's more problematic to have those two parallel cuts healing simultaneously. We were originally considering one operation for me but decided on two instead and I couldn't be happier. It was 5.5 years after installation - new and improved, with 20% more dork.

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    Wow, 5.5 years after? Ok, so I guess thereís no real time limit. With everything Iíve read online, I donít think Iíve read a single bad experience with hardware removal. A lot of stories similar to yours though.
    I feel like I can always feel the bottom screw that goes all the way through my bone and sticks out the other side, but it could be in my head. My hardware X-ray actually looks fairly similar to yours too.
    Iím gonna call my surgeon today and get the conversation going on getting this shit out of my leg. Thanks for all the info man.

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