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    So I got the hardware out last week from my tibial plateau surgery. everything went as planned although i thin i did have issues from the ibuprofen use. stopped it on sunday before the surgery (wednesday) which i don't think was long enough. as a result there was some bleeding which required redressing and continued use of oxycodone vs getting back to ibuprofen. in retrospect, i would rather have finished the ibuprofen sooner prior to the surgery so i could stop bleeding sooner after the surgery and get back to the ibuprofen rather than the oxycodone. the main problem is i don't seem to get the inflammation relief from acetaminophen that comes from ibuprofen.
    unless all of a sudden my knee feels like it's new again now that the hardware is out, the replacement will come in early november.

    hardware removed
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    where it came from
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    Staying tuned for reports. 4 months out from type 5 tibial plateau surgery now. Still in PT but down to twice a week. Walking, swimming, biking but still have a decent limp and Iím stiff as can be in the morning.

    My PT lady is suggesting I get the hardware out as well. She says Itís a foreign object in your body that your body will always fight. Makes sense... Doc says ďyeah, Iíll take it out in OctoberĒ . Biggest dilemma for me is going through the surgery thing again, and going back to partial weight bearing for a while. Itís a tough decision to make.... what prompted you to make the decision to have the hardware removed?

    And just for fun, hereís my knee now -

    Click image for larger version. 

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    after my tibial plateau reconstruction the doc said there is no reason to remove the hardware if it's not bothering you. He also said I would need a knee replacement at some point down the line. What they don't tell you unless you ask is that there is a good likelihood they will want to take the hardware out prior to the knee replacement as the chance of infection and complications goes up doing it all at once.

    They won't remove the hardware until it stops doing it's job so there typically is no 'no weight bearing' requirement after hardware removal. I was walking with pain the next day. I was told I could start working (lots of time on my feet) as soon as I could deal with the pain. Ended up being three days but I could have used another. - new and improved, with 20% more dork.

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