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    Quote Originally Posted by RootSkier View Post
    I would eat Benny Profane's ass before I would vote for Gianforte.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Not bunion View Post

    It is long past time for the hard line environmentalists to come to grips with reality.
    I don't even use that term to describe most of these groups. Teh enviroment™ is far too overused to back arguments of ideological exclusion of other user groups. It has nothing to do with the environment in far too many of these cases. Besides, wilderness isn't the only means of preservation. That too is far overused.
    Besides the comet that killed the dinosaurs nothing has destroyed a species faster than entitled white people.-ajp

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    Biked Weasel Cr and Railroad Cr on Wednesday. I give weasel 5 stars, start is in burn area, then nice fast ridgeline trail in the trees, a little chunk, then very steep down to creek, a little jungle trail along creek. Railroad is much the same, but with ~3 hike a bike ups, so little longer. See my strava for photos and stats. Doing both makes a nice big day. Get out there and ride them, good adventure! Big thanks to those that got them open for awhile.

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