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    Preacher Season 3

    anyone that hasn't seen it, should. dark, twisted and well written.
    the first episode of season 3 aired last sunday. check it out
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    Thanks, I really enjoyed it!

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    I've seen all the episodes and read all the graphic novels. In general terms, the show is pulling on the basic story lines, but within those lines there is wide deviation. I like the choice of Ruth Nega as Tulip. She brings more of an independence to the character than the novels. Much of the other casting is close to the characters (although God could be a bit more God like). There are two things that are lacking in the show that made the novels compelling and enjoyable. The first is the comedy. You'd think a show from a "funny" guy like Seth Rogen would have plenty of laughs, but there just isn't as much I think there should be.

    The other missing element in the show is the intense relationship between Tulip and Jesse is completely lacking. In the novels these two are deeply in love with each other and that drives many of the stories. I don't know if it's the writing or the actors, but the this is completely lacking in the show. Most of the time these two seem like they don't want to be in the same room with each other, let alone ripping their clothes off and getting after it. The lack of passion between these characters is going to ultimately kill this show. The viewer really needs to care about Tulip and Jesse to get completely invested. If the actors don't care, why should the audience. Since both actors can handle this emotion, especially Ruth, the failure falls on the show creators. Based on previous work from Seth, et al, these guys don't have the capacity to produce anything beyond superficial weirdness on the screen. I'll keep watching for the weirdness, but sadly this show could be so much more.

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