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If the Pass is open and your definition of "skiable" doesn't have a minimum vertical drop, yes. There's a low-to-moderate angle snowfield about 150-200m from the top of the Pass that's good for between a handful and a dozen or more turns depending on your turn shape, and it holds snow year-round. It's basically due south of the parking lot driveway up top (so get out of the car and walk mostly perpendicular to the road, away from the driveway/parking lot); you can see it on Google Maps satellite view.

There may be other options as well, but I've moved to lower elevation and don't know what the current status is. That one little patch is usually good for a few turns any time you can get to it.
...and the Beartooth Pass is closing to wheeled motor traffic for the season tomorrow morning, Oct. 5. So while there will still be skiable snow up there, it probably isn't worth the effort to get there.

There may be meadow-skipping opportunities elsewhere in the state, though, if the forecast is anything near correct (heck, there may be more than meadow-skipping, but unconsolidated snow over boulders is a bit dicey).