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    Kayak Paddle

    I was out on the lake yesterday, and I noticed that I had a stress fracture around 3/4 of the shaft where the two-piece paddles connect. Of course this was just a few hours in the trip. My buddy got a couple of sticks as splints and we jammed a similarly sized stick inside the tube for added support. The paddle is actually stronger than it was before, however, I believe it's time for a replacement.
    I need some recommendations for the best kayak paddle. My yak is 36" wide and I'm always in the raised seat position of my predator MX. Here are a few paddles. Please let me know if you have experience with any of them and tell me your thoughts.

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    I wouldnt buy any of those

    I always buy Werner both for WW and seakayak, the good thing about werner is

    you can get them in regular or small shaft

    straight or bent shaft

    the crazy exspensive carbon paddles actualy paddle the same as the lower priced versions just not quite as light

    how much you wana spend ?
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    Check out the Werner Camano. A little pricey but well worth it in the long run.

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    Aqua Bound makes a good paddle, not as $$$ as Werner. Check out the Stingray. All the paddles in that review are garbage IMHO.

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