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    TR: Guys Trip to the Coast, with Bikes

    Following a successful graduation from kindergarten we took a long week, made a run for the border, pedaled the temperate rainforest, and hung at the beach.

    Left Missoula at 10 a.m. on Monday.

    Started off Junuary in Montana in fine style.

    20180611_103302 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Seattle by 5, poke around Ballard, and pull up in Larrabee State Park by 10 p.m. to enjoy the world's loudest campground.

    20180611_210346 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Biked in Larrabee and then Galbraith.

    20180612_155057 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    20180612_090235 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Made it across the border -- no, actually, I don't have a permission letter from the Cloud Cultette to take our son on a trip, can I cross anyway? Arcteryx factory store (Chinese people like Arcteryx?) and wait just an hour in Horseshoe Bay for the ferry to Nanaimo.

    20180613_155611 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Biked Westwood.

    20180613_191901 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    20180613_192552 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Lapped Doumont.

    20180614_114613(0) by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Hung out with the beautiful people in Ucluelet and Tofino.

    20180615_165935 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    20180615_171240 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Biked Cumberland then ferried to Powell River. (Here's a question: why does BC Ferries have such shitty wifi?)

    20180616_210349 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Rode Millenium Park and then Penticton Maze.

    20180616_161241 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    They don't fuck around with their freestyle parks in Canada.

    20180617_135826 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Late ferry to Earl's Cove and camp in a regional park.

    20180617_193644 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Winning at fatherhood.

    20180617_211520 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Biked West Sechelt then Connor Park. Meh. An hour at the beach but had a two-ferry wait at Langdale

    Drove through the heart of Vancouver and in 45 minutes saw two Ferraris, one Lamborghini, two Bentleys, and one McLaren. We gave up counting the Porsches and AMGs with yellow brake calipers. Took the 5-minute border crossing at Pacific X-ing (will have to remember that one for next time), reupped on beer at Trader Joes, and back to the world's loudest campground. In the morning experienced the full spectacle and beauty that is Seattle traffic and biked the Lake Annette trail to the tunnel on Snoqualmie Pass. Biking was not that great but did get familiar with carrying our bikes.

    20180619_135544 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    20180618_113109 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Moses Lake FTW #fuckyeah!

    20180619_162424 by redpinecanyon, on Flickr

    Home by 11 p.m.

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    Well maybe I'm the faggot America
    I'm not a part of a redneck agenda

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    Nice! Canada wanted a letter from mom? Seems like that wouldn't be a very official document.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 406 View Post
    Nice! Canada wanted a letter from mom? Seems like that wouldn't be a very official document.
    Yes, they wanted a letter from mom saying we could go to Canada, which I did not have and had never even occurred I might be asked to bring. Talked my way out of it.

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