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    Eagle River Alaska

    AKPM's California Adventure

    Day -1
    Monday evening I noticed something, it was 45 and raining hard in town. Checking webcams and thermometers I was thinking "so you are saying there's a chance?"

    Tuesday dawns and we head up the hill, it's cloudy but not raining, with a sunny break here or there. We hike a few hundred yards then transfer to skins, this is June day 4 for me. It's been an amazing June, unless you like to fish for king salmon and don't like to ski.

    We ski powder on June 12 using the classic "pop and drop" technique, the sun pops and we drop.

    Day 0 Travel.

    Leaving Alaska is always hard. People think I'm crazy to leave in June, The sunrise flying out made me tend to agree

    I had a 10 hour layover in Seattle and the Mariners had a day game. My dad traveling just to Seattle and I took the train in a few hours early. Safeco is a great ballpark.

    One cool thing they do is put up flags with the standings, at the time (before Houston decided to never lose again) the M's were in first

    We had great seats and the Mariners walked off with a 2 run home run.

    Headed out that evening and scoped some lines

    Day 1 I immediately head to Reno fly shop, pick up some flies, BS with the guys there a bit and see how things are fishing.
    Pretty soon I was hooked up

    I've always found that I enjoy catching invasive rainbows more in California than other states. Would I prefer this stream was still full of lahotans? sure but this is nice

    It was hot out so I jumped into the river afterwards.

    Day 2 My 31st (shiiiiit) Birthday.
    Wake up and drive to where the chairlifts are somehow still open

    Lift served skiing on my birthday? Fuck yeah.

    As it turns out, when you live at 40 feet above sea level skiing at 11,000 feet is hard.

    The afternoon activity: Fishing.
    Wow this is a pretty creek

    There were wildflowers

    and geologic features

    and some good looking, albeit smallish trout

    Living in Alaska where the only invasive trout we have is the brook trout which got it's ass kicked by every other fish and wasn't very successful catching brown trout is always cool. And god damn they are pretty.

    The views were Alaskaesque

    Day 3: The Daily Double
    My best friend since I was six recently moved to Nevada and decided to celebrate with me. The previous night we drank clearly to much considering the altitude.

    Despite hangovers we skied

    then we biked

    then we ate Mexican food and passed the fuck out.

    Day 4:
    We ski, enjoy the last run of the year for john and the last via lift for me (better believe I'm going skiing this week) then do some tourist shit

    We stop at a hot springs, soak for a bit then I head fishing and John head's home as he has to work the next day.
    Fishing tailwaters always fuck with me. Tailwaters aren't really a thing here (which is good) and the fish are not especially smart so I really have no clue what I'm doing. Still I giver her a go.
    It was really pretty.

    and I stumbled across a snub nosed bow, but none of the trophy browns this river is known for.

    Again the drive was great

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    Eagle River Alaska
    Day 5
    Back in Reno I head to California and start fishing.
    Picked up a couple more bows

    and a couple big YTs

    Again, pretty water and views.

    Then a flight home with an overnight layover

    Now I'm back in AK and I start my guide season tomorrow. And it doesn't get dark.
    Its not that I suck at spelling, its that I just don't care

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    Nice. Good to hear from ya!

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    Bottom feeding
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice dollar sign tracks. Need more pics/vids of the dog.
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    Nice - sounds like a great trip. Can't believe you're 31

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    good to know you're still among the living

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    Patrick, that was fantastic! Glad you got to a ballgame with your dad. great pics of those beautiful ak bait size fish.
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    [QUOTE=wyeaster;5374201]good to know you're still among the living[/QUOTE

    I was thinkin' Patrick ought to get an ' atta Boy ' for the growing - up he has done in these forums :

    Clearly(,) A fisherman; an Alaskan skier...

    sometimes , here in the Midwest, someone trots out the phrase,

    ' livin' the dream ! '

    Patrick is doing alright...

    Atta Boy ! tj
    " ... I will do anything to go Skiing ... There Is no pride ... " (Miriam , 2005-2006 epic)

    Dec21, 2016. LittleBigLost :
    " I think about it everyday. It is my reminder to live life to the fullest. I get up early, go to bed late, 'cuz I got shit to do. Like I said, I'm 61. Not going to wait till I'm 81 to do stuff, ...

    Get out there and do stuff!

    Enjoy life to the fullest!!

    See you on the slopes! "

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    Great photography from an old school mag. And it highlights my backyard to boot!

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