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    New Avi Control Devices in the Wasatch

    This may be old news - Looks like some new control devices have been deployed in LCC
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    The Remote Avalanche Control Systems, otherwise known as RACS, installed in the U.S. came from a Swiss company known as Wyssen and was put into Little Cottonwood Canyon last year. The installation is the first of it's kind in the U.S.

    “So when you shoot artillery it’s landing in the snow and detonating in the snow which prohibits the shock from traveling as far and our system uses an explosive that is held on a rope above the snow and the shock wave can travel a lot farther and more effectively control the area,” said Roz Reynolds, U.S. project manager for Wyssen Avalanche Control.

    Another benefit of avoiding artillery is you don't have to explain missed shots to homeowners - from 2005
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    PLEASANT GROVE — Scott and Lori Connors' family room looks like it was bombed. There are random holes in the walls, gashes in the fabric of the couch and chair. There's broken glass everywhere and a sheet of plywood where the window used to be.

    Outside, a shed is in tatters, and there's a boulder-size crater in the lawn. Upstairs, there are pieces of shrapnel imbedded in the bathroom wall.

    A large mirror has what looks like bullet holes in the glass.

    It looks like it was bombed — because it was.

    A 105mm howitzer shell fired near Sundance in Provo Canyon overshot its mark and landed with a bang in the Conners' back yard. The boom was heard over several blocks.

    Debris from the 3 p.m. explosion Wednesday also damaged a car across the street from the Connors' home and two other houses in the vicinity of 1600 East and 500 South on the Pleasant Grove bench.
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